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Post Request: Video of Inspiron Duo running MS Onenote - 08-21-2011, 11:14 AM

Hi guys,

I am debating on buying the Inspiron Duo and I have been searching for a video of it in action with MS onenote, but to no avail. If I were to buy one I would mainly use it for studying and taking notes. Could someone please upload a video, or write a review of its general performance?

Some topics I would prefer to be discussed:
  • use with a stylus
  • speed and responsiveness of writing with the stylus
  • how small could you write and still be able to read
  • general performance of MS onenote (is it laggy/slow, or fine)
  • overall area of writing to take notes (is it too small, or is it enough)
  • is it honestly a feasible replacement for pen and paper, or even up to scale with other tablets
  • anything else you would like to say (annoyances or praises)

This would be a huge help to me if anyone could find the time to do a review. Because currently the duo is the cheapest tablet that runs windows decently and could also run MS onenote. As a student i'm looking for something that is relatively cheap and will get the job done.

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Default 08-22-2011, 03:35 PM

I don't have a video but the stylus input isn't so hot. It will not replace paper. You probably would need to look into a resistive screen for this purpose. The duo touchscreen is really only good for "coarse" input like button touches and swipes. My handwriting looks like a 5 year old on this laptop.
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Default 08-27-2011, 02:23 AM

I have used the Duo for work purposes (I'm a teacher/campus minister at a PK3-8th grade Catholic school) since January. As the previous poster noted, writing on this does not work at all. However, the small form factor of the Duo means that I can use OneNote (or Evernote, which I favor simply because I can see all my notes on my Android phone) to take notes practically anywhere. Staff meeting? Parent Conference? Bright idea during a class? All of them quickly typed in It also means that I can duck into an empty classroom and get some work done on the Duo instead of walking back to my office inbetween classes (gotta love wifi!)

I made my seating charts in MS Publisher and keep track of attendance and behavior in tablet mode (using the on screen keyboard for short notes is fast).

So . . . bad for handwriting, but excellent for my purposes. Hope that helps you make a decision.
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Default 08-27-2011, 01:02 PM

I second the remarks made above, for note taking with a stylus, a resistive touchscreen is preferable by far.
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