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Default What software have you used on the DUO? - 08-13-2011, 07:02 PM

TIVO Desktop used in conjunction a TIVO hooked up to wifi - Due to the DUO's large hard drive, it acts as a wireless storage device (hooked to home network via Wifi). You can transfer most TV programs recorded on you TIVO and view them on your DUO anywhere (after they are downloaded). You can also watch other formats (avi, mp4....) of video stored on you DUO on your TV. It will also let you view your photos stored on the DUO on your TV. Also converts videos and sends them to itunes for sync and viewing on your iphone. I just stick the DUO in the docking station and do most of the large file transfers at night while the DUO charges. I also view TV showes with the screen fliped around and the DUO upside down (like a tent) on my lap (keeps it from frying my balls and is a free built in stand)

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EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter use in conjunction with ION iProfile turntable - I use the turntable connected to my docking station via usb. The DUO charges while the conversion from analog (vinyl LP) to digital (mp3) goes on. Also find it easier to use touch to start/stop recording. You have to as it is in the docking station. Transfers the mp3 to Itunes automatically and then I sync my iphone. Large hard drive on DUO allows adequate storage of a larger mp3 collection. I am up to 28 days of music and I am only halfway through. Still have plenty of room.

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PowerDirector 9 - Converts and edits video from my Iphone and TIVO. Also use it to burn DVDs using my Iomega SuperSlim DVD USB Powered Portable Writer Drive. Also captures video from the DUO's cam and sound from the DUo's mic. I have an external webcam that hooks up to the USB and works much better than the DUO cam.

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Microsoft Office Professional 2010 - Works like a charm but it is not designed specifically for touch but does work ok for touch scrolling. Icons are small and hard to hit with fingers. Suggest using the keyboard and mouse for input. As usual, Outlook syncs with itunes for Iphone or Ipad syncing. Large DUO hard drive allows adequate storage of documents. I have about 20gs of old documents and Access databases. Have Outlook synced with my AOL mail via IMAP but I use the AOL web based email site which works better for me.

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TighnVNC viewer in conjunction with Veency app on my Iphone 3g - Allows me to control and view most of my apps that are on my Iphone on my DUO screen. Works with DUO touch interface. This is a wireless solution and I use it on my home wifi network (when my Comcast internet goes out) and I set up an Adhoc network for use in my car and boat or any other location where there is no wifi internet. As the Iphone has a gps this allows you to view location based info on your DUO and use the 3g connection of your Iphone. The DUO acts as a thin client and you are not using any more data than you would normally use if you just used your Iphone. This is a slow solution and only good for limited situations (no other wifi internet connection)

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Microsoft Money 2007 - Works as it did on my older laptop and it is not enhanced by the DUO's design other than making in more portable due to DUO's compact design and large hard drive. Need keyboard and mouse input and does not work well with touch.

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Offshore Navigator Pro & Chart Navigator Pro v 1.1.61 by Maptech - This a marine navigation solution which can interface with other on board instruments (none of which I have except for gps) Although Offshore Navigator Pro is designed for Windows 7 and Chart Navigator Pro was an old vista program, I like the older version better. Both interface with my external USB gps and also an old bluetooth gps. The Bluetooth gps is hard to setup and tends to disconnect. The DUO's compact design and large hard drive enhance the software and it works much better with finger touch than it did with my pen based (heavy) tablet PC. I can now load the entire east coast on the hard drive and it makes a great portable solution as I navigate on many different boats. I have enough hard drive space to load both programs and the programs can use the same charts.

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Street Atlas 2011 used in conjunction with a USB GPS - Works well with touch and due to the DUO's compact design and large hard drive it works well in a car (with the proper mount) for street navigation. I have loaded the entire US on my hard drive. It does collect other location based info if you are connected to wifi. I don't have a mobile hotspot so I don't know if it will work with one. My older street navigation programs would not work with Windows 7 so I had to update to this program. There are others out there and after trying their demos I settled on this program.

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Adobe Acrobat 5.0 - Still works with Windows 7 for editing PDF docs. It had more functionality with my old Windows Vista Tablet PC as I could use the pen to write on documents. I have tried many stylus on the DUO but none were as good as the Gateway Tablet PC pen.

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Itunes in conjunction with Iphone 3g tethered via USB - Works the same as it did on my older PC and laptops. The DUO adds value due to its compact design and large hard drive. Now I can take and play my 30gs of music anywhere and play it through the speakers or use a headphone. I can't load my entire music library on the Iphone as the storage capacity is limited to below what I need. Maybe Iphone 7 or 8 will make my DUO obsolete! Touch does not work well as everything is too small so use the keyboard and mouse.

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iCopyBot used in conjunction with a usb-tethered Iphone or Ipod - I use this software to copy music from these devices to my itunes library. Everything is too small to work with touch and I use the mouse and keyboard for control.

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Band In A Box 2010.5 - Works the same as it did on my older PC and does not work well with touch as everything is too small for my fingers. I have not tried it with my MIDI interface but I expect it to work. The DUO's compact design does enhance this solution as you can read the music and play while the DUO is on a music stand (sturdy one) on on the stand on a piano. You can hear the music from the DUO's speaker but it works much better when it is in the JBL docking station (louder and it charges as you use it)

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Power Tracks Pro Audio v 10.0 - Works about the same as it did with my old Tablet PC but you can use some touch to scroll music. Most of the icons are too small for my fingers but you can operate it with your fingers. Software is not designed for touch but works well on the DUO. Due to the compact design it can work in flip screen mode on a music stand (sturdy one) or on a piano. You can listen to the music and play along as you read music on the screen. The DUO's speakers are not that great and it works much better in the JBL docking station. You get a better range of sound and it is louder. It will also be charging as you use it. I have a USB midi interface but I haven't tried it yet but I expect it to work.

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Default 08-14-2011, 06:29 PM

The best eBook reader that has a nice page turner touch is the ereader plug in for Firefox.
To get it Google Firefox ereader
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Default 08-16-2011, 09:43 AM

Using my Inspiron Duo + dock as a home music jukebox, I installed Albumplayer.
It's the best solution I found to organize my music collection and play it with a touchscreen oriented UI.
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Default 08-16-2011, 02:39 PM

Jump Desktop in conjunction with Jump on my Iphone 3g - allows for me to remotely control, through Wifi or 3g, my DUO while it is charging or in the docking station. I can control Itunes or any other program and view everything on my Iphone screen.

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Web Browsers - Opera Mobile works great with touch but is limited as it doesn't do Flash and Active X. You have to use Alt -Tab or exit to go to another app. This has the potential of being an "Ipad Killer" but at this time it only equals the Ipad browsing experience which is not all that bad. I find that I use Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera Moblle depending on which site I go to. It wouid be nice if Opera Mobile did it all. Firefox is the best with touch but not as slick as Opera and I find I use it the most. Tried Chrome but it doesn't bring any added functionality and doesn't work well with touch.

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Default 08-22-2011, 04:33 PM

Well, on day 1 I uninstalled a lot of stuff (not a gamer, etc); On my desktop (and I do do not place have icons for everything there): Office 2007 Professional only after trying out OpenOffice & Scribus (just needed the interoperability of office more than free software); Zipforms & Sentrilock card readers (realtor software); Iolo (drive scrubber) Ccleaner; Nitro PDF and Primo PDF (free),evernote, dropbox, syncables (worthless as far as I'm concerned - sorry I bought it), Firefox, Thunderbird, chrome,Tweaknow Power Pak, revo uninstaller; videopad, wavepad & mixpad from NCH (free), Spybot S&D
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