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Default Rebuttal - 09-10-2012, 02:38 AM

Originally Posted by friedje View Post
thanks teddy for the spam ??
LLLLOOOOLLLL omg you guys who live on these sites, with hundreds of post to prove that, are a riot!!!. In my 4 years of randomly surfing blog and forum sites, I must have seen where at least 30 of you site dwellers have accused newbees with one post, who ONLY get on the site to tell of a positive product, of being a spammer and advertisers. Guys? Site dwellers? Get a life! What is your problem. Isn't the purpose of these sites to SHARE with others the good and bad things you've found? Where does it say you have to be like you and have hundreds of post before you can tell of a positive thing??? Honest to God, these forums are filled with this same spam claim by dozens of you guys who can't handle a first post promoting. I'd love to see your first post. 85% of all first post, boast of something. Again,. that is the whole purpose of forum sites. Hellooo. The moderator of this site should put you in your place instead of siding in with you like they usually do (being a guy) because this is hogwash.
There, now that I've got that off my chest (ooommmggg!) let me say also, it was BECAUSE OF that ladies post on Stylus-R-Us, I too took the plunge and she and the other guy are 200% correct. They are out of this world great. And to the guy who don't want to follow their stylus instructions, (don't use the stylus on a greasy screen) gee....who's in the wrong there? Drive 100 MPH in a school zone and see what happens to you. Instructions are meant to be followed and it isn't the stylus that is in the wrong, believe that. Common sense should tell you, why would you spend so much for a great stylus, then want to drag it in grease? Duhhh.

---------- Post added at 02:38 AM ---------- Previous post was at 02:11 AM ----------

Again...LOL. Another skeptical one because a first poster spoke well of a product. Dude? Who's paragraph is this. "

I think for that price (terminator $45 / Big $50) your in the ball park for a wacom Pen&Touch (link) which is (literally) thousands of times more accurate and pressure sensitive than what the duo can accomplish on its own. I own one which I fit with my duo in my carrying case."

Answer! Yours!! And if I'm not mistaken, isn't that a link you inserted to PUSH/ADVERTISE that piece of junk Wacom? Looks like it to me. I made the mistake of buying that one too and I'll take a Stylus-R-Us one any day of the week over that one. See how it is? If you're a site dweller and have mega post, you can push anything. It all depends if you live here or not.
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