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Default Why did you buy a Duo? - 04-06-2011, 01:36 PM

Hi I am new to the forum! We had a Duo delivered last week.

I was curious as to what motivated everyone else to buy a Duo?

For my family, we already own an i7 930 Desktop and a 15"Macbook Pro, but my wife was after something a little bit smaller/lighter to do work (MS excel & word) when sitting in bed or on the couch. We needed it to have windows as she wanted no compatibility issue with with the spreadsheets (something that still happens I believe with the Mac). A keyboard was also essential as she hates typing on touchscreens.

The touch screen/tablet functionality was a secondary consideration. Kind of a case of it being bonus features on top of a nice netbook.

I am fairly impressed so far. It obviously feels very slow compared to my other computers, but I was expecting that. I am going to read up on this forum and expect to find some tweak to make it run nicer.

I am going to look into installing Thinix and opera mobile. currently the touch interface doesn't feel very intuitive compared to using my iphone. For example I find it strange that I have to use scrollbars to scroll, rather than just dragging the text down.
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Default Why I bought a Duo - 04-06-2011, 02:38 PM

I had similar motivations in buying the Duo, including size, price, and a physical keyboard in my considerations. I also wanted a larger hard drive and more memory than my previous netbook, which was an HP Mini w/ 16GB SSD & 1GB of RAM. Needless to say, it required external storage and Ubuntu 10.04 to run the way I wanted. While this computer is a bit slower overall than comparably specced comps, the portability for me more than makes up for it. I placed a slightly larger emphasis on the touchscreen, since that kind of tipped the scales in deciding to upgrade.

By the way, you can scroll within webpages by dragging your finger up and down the screen (at least you can in Internet Explorer).
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Default 04-06-2011, 02:52 PM

I'm a gadget geek, but I also try to be practical (though my wife would argue!)

I bought the Duo because it appears to be a decent compromise between a high-end and capable netbook and a tablet computer.

There are three features that I really like:

1. It runs Windows 7
Yes, many netbooks do as well, but the specs of the Duo rival or surpass the best high-end netbooks making it more capable of running more robust applications.

2. It is a tablet
No, it's not as honed as an iPad, but so far, it works very well as a tablet. The touch interface is useful, and I just love the ability to be able to read a PDF file full screen in portrait mode without scrolling

3. It has a well-proportioned screen
Its screen is more notebook-like than netbook-like. Netbooks have intentionally flattened screen resolutions of something like 600 pixels while the Duo has a screen that rivals many notebooks. The simple fact that the screen has a vertical screen resolution of 768 means that almost all standard Windows applications will be visible without scrolling--something most netbooks cannot claim. (To be fair, my only real complaint is that despite its decent size, I wish the screen was not so elongated. I crave a device with a screen more the size and aspect ratio of a standard piece of letter paper. The iPad fits this desire.)

I played around with an iPad 2, and I really do like its design, feel, and performance. And I also have many $$$ invested iPod Touch apps which are fully compatible, for the price. But there are factors that make the iPad just too limiting to me. The fact that the Duo is a "real" Windows 7 device means that I can have a much more productive experience than with the novelty of the iPad.

If I find the Duo to perform as I would like, it will replace my HP notebook computer.
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Default 08-13-2011, 03:20 PM

I had a Tablet PC (heavy) for years and liked the (pen) touch but wished for finger touch. Was not interested in a tablet as I ended up using the keyboard more than touch. The DUO was the answer. Had it for 8 months now and I am finding new uses for it due to the compact design (car and boat) as the Tablet PC was too heavy and bulky to use in a car or a boat. The price was the key factor as a new Tablet PC would start at around $2000. Using a pen interface while moving in a car or boat did not work but the finger touch does. The docking station and the external DVD drive were priced right and are must haves. Due to the large hard drive I was found that I could eliminate my desk top and I saved the old hard drive and use it for back up. All my old software worked and some are enhanced due to design of the DUO. The two USB ports on the DUO are all that I need and I doubt I would have bought the DUO if it didn't have ports. The DUO boots much quicker than my old laptops and desk tops and I didn't tweak anything. I don't understand why reviewers say that it is "sluggish". i have an Iphone and found that the Ipad was just a big expensive Ipod touch and you still needed a PC. I don't use games so I don't need the performance of a gaming laptop or the Ipad.
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