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Default What would you do day 1 - 03-30-2011, 09:54 PM

Hi all my Duo is arriving an April 1st and I see many of you are playing around with them and through all of your trial and error I am looking for what you would do on day one.

I have seen that many of you reinstalled Win 7. I'm not sure why but is that something that you all have found benificial.

And any other info on my new toy would be great I am and have always been a Dell lover but this is my first tablet.

Thanks for the help
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Default 03-30-2011, 11:56 PM

The first thing that I did was download uTorrent and downloaded 30 movies in less than an hour. I was amazed that I could fit that many movies on my computer and have plenty of more room left. This thing has so many "smart" technological features, such as its ability to automatically dim the monitor when you turn the light in a room off, and to be able to brighten itself when the light comes back on. It's an amazing piece of technology. It's rubberized exterior is quite rugged and durable. This reminds me of a body glove on a cell phone. I thought the Duo was going to be a pain to carry around, but I carry this thing EVERYWHERE. It's like my personal underarm computer, as a small book would be.

I started to get the iPad, but after playing with my friend's iPad, I missed the keyboard. Now, I've got both. iPad doesn't even have USB outlets. I have two. There are some things that are give or take with the Duo, but it usually has an easy solution that makes perfect sense. Don't forget that this is not a laptop. It's a netbook. Netbooks come without optical drives and offer less features, and the reason for this is, more speed and better performance. I may not have an optical drive, but USB ports are more convenient with different pieces of hardware, rather than a special plug in for every different device.

I found a lightweight extension cord to keep plugged into the Duo's charger cord. It's too short.

The next thing I did to my Duo was followed the directions on these websites:

The Dell Inspiron Duo Tips & Tricks – Part 1 « CMediaStudio

The Dell Inspiron Duo Tips & Tricks – Part 2 « CMediaStudio

The changes certainly make a difference. It makes it so much faster, easier to use, and it makes sense about changing these options.

This is my first "tablet". It's the best notebook I have ever used. I hope you got the optional optical drive. I wish I did.

I also put Firefox 4 on here and downloaded avast! Free Antivirus. I love avast! It runs in the background and never bothers me. I have never had a virus or anything that may pose as an annoyance or be unhealthy to my Duo.

I also did some of the things on here:

I disabled the login screen which makes my boot ups much faster.

Disable Home Group. It messes with other laptop's internet connections nearby, and yours as well.

Finally, I went here:

Black Viper’s Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Service Configurations | Black Viper's Website |

and looked at the tweaked, safe, and bare bones settings of the services (start - services.msc), and set each of the services accordingly.

Notice that there are 256 items in the list in chart provided in the link above. Click the arrow following to the right below the chart to view the next page and so forth.

There are so many ways to tweak Windows 7 and tablet type PC's and netbooks, such as the Duo. The possibilities are endless. There is a solution or tweak for just about anything you'd imagine.

Here are some more awesome tweaks:

[GUIDE] *Ultimate* Windows 7 Speed Tweaks! - iFans - iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch Fans forums
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Default 08-13-2011, 03:25 PM

Had mine for 8 months without changing anything, suggest you do the same.
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