Dell Inspiron 11z Discussion on Dells 11.6inch "notebook", the Dell Inspiron 11z

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Default 12-24-2010, 11:07 PM

Dell Latitude E6220 | E6230
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Default 01-05-2011, 03:22 PM

Awesome Brookheather! Thank You!
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Default 05-15-2011, 02:45 PM

Well, Here I am again back to entertaining the thought ofwhat to do with that extra WWAN slot...

For me I have ruled out the use of any type of SSD… As much as I like the idea of having asecond internal SSD, with the way my home network is set up I feel confidentand good about the 128gb Western Digital I am using.
I have thought of using it in my wife’s 11z as she just hasa Western Digital Black Series drive and it is sufficient for her needs but mystart up and read write times are noticeably faster… We both have the same SU4100 Motherboardsand 4 gigs of Ram and the SSD is the best upgrade I have ever made… (in my opinion)

So, here are my thoughts if anyone has any feedback…
In my laptop as well as my wife’s we both have Bluetooth butI have found that the Bluetooth mouse is not as attentive to my needs… In other words it has a lag time that isunacceptable to me… I have triedchanging setting and driver to get the right feel but it has not happened. I prefer the Logitech mouse and now withunifying receiver’s I have feel in love with using a “real” keyboard and mouseand a large screen monitor… especiallyturning my 11z into a full workstation while at home and an excellent laptopwhile on the road…

But, what I have seen done is someone took a Mini PCIE cardand attached the Logitech USB to it and has used the WWAN slot to free up a USBport and keep it nice and hidden… Mysoldering skills are horrible at best so I have been trying to find somethinglike this online…
Also in my searches I found a Mini PCIE to SD card and MiniPCIE to Compact Flash… If either ofthese works it would be a great way for my wife to use this as a “Ready Boost”drive or possibly a bootable drive… Once again I don’t think that will work as this is a WWAN slot and not atrue Mini PCIE slot…

If anyone has any Suggestions or thoughts please let me know….
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Default 05-29-2011, 05:52 PM

Are you certain your 2nd pci slot works? Only my half length pci slot was active. If you have both, jump in with whatever ya want. I can say the broadcom is a worthy purchase.. the quality of 1080p IS better than that of just my laptop streaming and playing without it. It is silky smooth playback when it works. However, it is pretty limited in content. Make sure you use the appropriate types of media or you wont ever use it.

Broadcom has a program installed inside its directory which enables a tray icon that is grayed out when inactive and lit up and provides data when you mouse over during activity.

Very friendly reminder that I have a whole other decoder working.

You may want to consider mini pcie gps, they also have a separate half-length unit.

Since I only have 1 working pcie, I am using a usb wifi.

11z - Jade - SU4100 - 4GB - 64 GB SSD - Win 7 Home Premium
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Default 07-25-2011, 11:40 PM

Hie there, have you tried to connect anything else but a wwan on your extra mini pci port ?
i'm just trying to get to work an extra wlan i got from a customer who abandoned to me his dead vaio almost 1 year ago, it's an intel 4965agn, i alreay activated wwan at the bios, and there appears the option to look for hardware changes at the device manager, but it doesn't detect the wlan, i'm running windows 7.

As aditional information, i already tried connecting the intel wlan to the port the original dell 1397 and that way the intel wlan works, but it's too big to keep it there and screw al the parts.

Any ideas to get this wlan to work ?
thanks in advance
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