Dell Inspiron 11z Discussion on Dells 11.6inch "notebook", the Dell Inspiron 11z

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Default WLED screen question (Video) Would be helpful to poll OEM hardware ID of display - 11-15-2009, 02:40 PM

i have placed a video on you tube showing my screen.

hey guys.. so i just got my 11z replacment for the mini 10 i was having so many issues with. i absolutley LOVE this thing. i bought the dualcore upgrade and it was sooooo worth it. this thing really moves and win 7 is very sweet. even running full aero i can watch video and memory never gets close to the 2 gig mark.. anywaayyy, im gonna do a full blown "real deal" review of this on youtube later.. heres my question..

the wled screen on this is really the weak point. Its pretty washed out and im not sure why. it seems the angle of viewing on this is really weird. theres not really a "sweet spot" to speak of. there isnt a single viewing spot where lets say, all the black is just one shade.. it constantly rolls like its on a polarized filter.. last night i was laying in bed with my heaqd sidewways on a pillow, and just the difference in the angle of my two eyes and i was seeing two differently shaded images.. was bad.. so whats the consensus here, whats going on? is this just typical of this type of display or did i get a bad one? and if its normal does anyone know if dell can put in an rgbled or something?

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Default 11-15-2009, 05:36 PM

My screen is just as bad as yours in the ways you've described. I've found tilting it back away from being directly at my eyes looks best.. But then the webcam isn't pointed straight at me.

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Default 11-15-2009, 07:44 PM

so did you ever inquire about something different with dell? im curious. ive read about rgblcd being VERY good looking, but i dont know if that kind of tech is efficient in a netbook.. but i would gladly sacrifice power for a better screen.. weird cuz wled seems to be the new thing but i cant understand the public widely accepting this? strange.. ill keep ya posted
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Default 11-15-2009, 08:21 PM

Originally Posted by flipnap View Post
.. anywaayyy, im gonna do a full blown "real deal" review of this on youtube later.. heres my question..
Make sure you link us when you do!
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Default 11-15-2009, 11:56 PM

I'm glad flipnap brought this up because I have been experiencing the same. As strange as it sounds I have found that after using the 11z for around 10 minutes my eyes seem to adjust and I don't notice it as much but yeah definitely a weak point to me.
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Default 11-16-2009, 12:27 AM

Personally, I think the WLED screen on my 11z looks great. In fact, it probably has the best clarity of any laptop I've used to date.
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Default 11-16-2009, 12:55 AM

i have to agree with ppcinfo, the screen on this thing is great. it's one of the things that keeps bringing me back to it (and away from my mac).

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Default 11-17-2009, 02:15 AM

for the last two posters.. this is why im asking.. because of guys like you i am wondering if i have a bad screen.. i dont think you are quite getting the idea of my post. i am seeing two completely different opinions of this monitor. really really good, and really really bad, which is making me think theres something wrong going on, like bad batches of monitors or something. i have an extremely high tolerance for things like monitor weirdness but what im experiencing is borderline unusable. i LOVE this computer but i cant believe you guys (last two posters) are looking at the same screen im looking at. if im calibrating and the computer is on a table, i will adjust the gamma, lets say.. and its perfect, if i then roll a pencil under the base the entire range shifts to an almost reverse image. this cant be correct, not in those tolerances.. like i said, if i lay this on my bed, and lay my head on the side, on a pillow the image almost looks 3d because the distance between my two eyes is seeing two DRAMATICALLY off balance images, contrast wise and gamma wise.. im trying like hell to get through to dell because i HIGHLY suspect there are different batches of these monitors and dammit, i want the ones you guys have that look so good. im very upset because i really love this computer but there is definitely something wrong. I dont know if you other guys got regular LCD panels and the WLED panels are completley different or if you got some new kind of RGBLED panels or what.. but i will be back to this thread and let you know.. because i can tell you two things.. i will NOT be returning this computer.. and i will NOT be keeping this screen.. so somethings gonna give... stay tuned, im on the phone with them as i type this.. so for all you other guys like me, keep the faith.. im going to get to the bottom of this...
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Default 11-17-2009, 03:12 AM

There are probably more than one manufacturer of the WLED used in the 11z causing the diff opinions. Too bad you probably won't get to bottom of this until people bother to begin posting their monitor hardware ids!
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Default 11-17-2009, 03:20 AM

how do i find my monitor id on windows 7?

edit.. just got off the phone with dell (2 hour call, with 1:30 of it on hold) they went through the usual loops, asking me to try it on an external etc etc.. FINALLY they said its prolly a backlight problem or something similar. the best thing i did when i bought this was to get in home service. because they gave me a dispatch#, are mailing a new screen to me, i then call the tech and he comes to my house to swap it out.. now if i have the same issue after that.. well.. lets just hope i dont.. im hoping having an actual technician here will see the problem if it happens again, and can see it in the first place.. talking with tech support where they just repeat what you are telling them and not really PROCESSING the information is very frustrating.. they are just going through the steps untill the steps are exhausted, then they just check the last checkmark and send a technician and a new part.. oh well, if thats the way things have to be then so be it.. i just want the juicy screen everyones talking about.. cuz l said it before and ill say it again, i absolutley LOVE this thing.. its fast, snappy, windows 7 rocks, the video plays great, even high def (with the occasional skip). if i can get this screen issue worked out i will be one happy happy camper... more to come...
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