Dell Inspiron 11z Discussion on Dells 11.6inch "notebook", the Dell Inspiron 11z

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Default 4 gig, SSD, and general thoughts about the 11z. - 09-16-2009, 05:15 PM

I saw someone else here had done the 4gig upgrade with crucial memory which appears to be around a $220 purchase.

Was just curious if there was a cheaper way? Also curious to the people that HAVE done it, what the performance increase was.

Also curious if anyone had done an SSD swap and how that worked out performance wise...

So far I am liking my 11z immensely. As I mentioned in another post I have installed the bluetooth 365 card so I can use external mouse/kb/headphones..

I am interested in the ram upgrade as I would like to be able to run linux (backtrack) within a VM environment or virtualbox or something. It appears for backtrack I will also need to replace the WLAN card as backtrack did not detect the built in one - though crunchbang and ubuntu did, which was very strange to me.

I love the weight, love how thin the device is and love that it feels very solid for as miniscule as it is. I wonder now though whether or not I would have liked the 12 as I believe the chassis is exactly the same, and it was the keyboard reviews that made me not get a 12...

I also considered one of the new 13z's for about double what the 11z cost me but decided in the end that the extra money really didnt give me anything to justify the cost. With this laptop if someone stole it out of my car, or while on vacation or whatever - it would be relatively painless to plop another $370 to get a replacement. Not so with a $700 laptop.

While I do plan on replacing the wifi card it really doesnt seem that bad, and if not for what appears to be a lack of compatibility with backtrack, i would probably leave it alone... if it turns out that my belkin USB wifi dongle at home works, i may not...

The screen is an absolute delight in its resolution.. About my only complaint is the reflective coating that dell chose... you have to be at a perfect angle for the colors to be right - but it is by no means a dealbreaker.

The keyboard is excellent.. I have zero problem touch typing on it save for the occasional stray touch of caps lock when hitting the A key.. I may get an apple bluetooth keyboard some day if i decide im going to do heavy writing with it - but all in all its great.

I've ready some VERY negative reviews of the touchpad. I even had a few friends here at work try to use it and THEY gave it horrible reviews too. I guess I am one of the few people in the world that doesnt try to use two hands at the same time on the touchpad... If I use my right hand only to do mouse operations it has given me no problems at all. A travel mouse hasnt really even been a consideration.

For anyone who doesnt own one yet - the memory swap is dead simple - remove two screws, pop the keyboard off, and you're done.

The bluetooth swap required removal of almost everything and wasn't quite as easy - at least for a guy who is not known for his finesse like me.

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Default 09-16-2009, 06:39 PM

You can get 4gig sticks on newegg for ~$130.

Here's a link: - Patriot Signature 4GB 200-Pin DDR2 SO-DIMM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Laptop Memory Model PSD24G8002S - Laptop Memory

Realistically, it's only a single core laptop. I doubt it'll run very well with a VM even if you get 4 gigs of RAM. I can't justify the 4gig upgrade at that price, it's over 1/3rd the cost of the netbook. It runs fine with 2 gigs too. Unless you're running photoshop apps and stuff, I doubt you'll even notice the 4 gig upgrade. I can't say personally but I know there isn't to many apps that will put you to use more than 2 gigs. Now if you had multiple users using your 11z, then the 4 gig might come in handy if they are all logged in.

Just personal opinion. Let me know if you get the 4 gigs and it helps.
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Default 09-16-2009, 08:08 PM

the wlan is pretty easy, basically what you did for the bluetooth. i picked up an intel 5100 half size card for about 12 bucks shipped off of ebay, and it works great.

i like the touchpad a lot, now when i go back to use my macbook pro i can't stand using the button on the touchpad.

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Default 09-19-2009, 12:28 AM

I have both the 4gb DDR2 and a SSD, I would choose the SSD over the 4gb of ram as giving you the best performance boost, I have a Crucial M225 SSD 64gb; I think putting a SSD in any computer you own will give you a huge performance boost, especially when it comes to access times, the extra ram will help you mainly in multitasking and less system overhead.
I also got a skin from 3acp on ebay, I got tired of the finger prints and putting on a skin took care of that problem
I think weather you keep your 11z stock or plan to upgrade it either way its a nice 11" laptop
I know I have spent allot on the upgrades but when I think of the price of a macbook air it doesnt seem like allot to me, I know it doesnt do MAC OS but Ubuntu is pretty close if you want to go in that direction

....also I havent heard of a Dell 13z, they do have a Inspiron 14z and 15z, wich both look pretty nice, but the price runs me almost $900 after I get done configuring it and it still has the Intel GFX, you would be almost better off buy a Studio with a ATI or Nvidia chip unless you really need 8 hours of battery

Dell Inspiron 11z/Windows 7 64bit/4gb Crucial DDR2 800/64Gb Crucial M225 SSD/Intel 5100 Wireless N
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Default 09-29-2009, 08:10 PM

I think the two finger scrolling is killer. The only other feature the 11z doesn't have that I wanted is a backlit keyboard. Hmm....

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