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Default Vostro A90 owner with SSD question - 06-04-2009, 05:39 AM

Hey guys! Well i just purchased a Vostro A90 through the outlet store and I have some questions pertaining to the SSD. Before I begin I should probably mention that my A90 is coming with an 8GB SSD, but i'm wondering if that will be enough...

Seems like the RunCore is the fastest SSD for the Mini 9, but how much space is enough? I'm debating between the 16 and 32 GB versions. I plan on using XP mainly, but I might install OS X (dual booting) and Windows 7 (tri boot?) just to check them out. Other than that, this device will probably only be used for word processing (Office 2007), internet browsing, and watching videos (through a USB hard drive). I don't plan on storing files on it as they'll probably be transfered to and from my desktop.

Based on your experiences, what size SSD do you think would be right for me?
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Default 06-04-2009, 07:18 AM

I'd go for the 32gb. With regular Windows XP Professional SP3 and the updates installed, it leaves me with a little more then 23gbs and I do about the same thing you do except the word processing.
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Default 06-08-2009, 05:52 AM

I would agree with the 32gb SSD. With OSX and iWorks, I'm left with about 22gb of storage capacity still on my Vostro A90 with a 32gb SSD. I don't save documents on the SSD. I save them on my SD card so I can transfer them between computers.

If you can spring for the RunCore, then get them. They're well worth it.

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Default 06-08-2009, 06:05 AM

Thanks for the feedback!

I've decided to save up for a RunCore 32GB SSD for the OS and certain programs and save all the files that i need to a SanDisk 4GB SDHC card.
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