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Default Can OS X SSD be swapped as needed with XP SSD - 05-09-2009, 11:34 AM

Hello from a newbie who has just found out that a Mini 9 can be hackintoshed -- what a beautifully small machine! (Maybe Apple will release someting like this next month, with Verizon 3G, but I want one now!) I have read many threads as homework and would appreciate some clarification from an experienced member.

I would like to get a bigger SSD (probably 32GB) for OS X and feel it best (cheapest) to start with the 8GB XP model. I understand that I should be able to simply put the new SSD into the machine and restore XP onto it from the provided system restore disks if I were to want to continue to use XP with the bigger SSD. Is this correct?

However, I am next going to reformat the new SSD to install OS X, so is the initial XP restore a necessary step to perform on the 32GB SSD? In other words, will the CD/USB bootloader fire up the computer with a brand new SSD (with no system), and will the OS X install then proceed uneventfully after reformatting it as GUID, or does the new SSD first need to have XP on it for anything to start? (Yes, I know this is a stupid question, since "bootloader" should be self-evident in what it does, but I am completely Windows illiterate and am compelled to ask. If nothing else but just for validation.)

Finally, I should have a fast-yet-tiny hackintosh for daily use, and I will still have the original 8GB SSD with XP on it. If the missus were to decide she needed to use the Mini occasionally for business trips, and seeing as how she is stuck in a Windows world at her work, would loaning it to her as an XP machine be as simple as popping the bottom open, removing the 32GB OS X SSD, replacing the 8GB XP SSD into the slot and firing it up? Or would there be some EFI-based tweaking involved at each such SSD swap?

Thank you very much for your help.
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Default Re: Can OS X SSD be swapped as needed with XP SSD - 05-09-2009, 11:55 AM

You should be able to install OSX directly onto a blank, brand new SSD.

And if the SSD is all you're changing, there should be no problem swapping it out to change OSs, but remember to be gentle.

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Default Re: Can OS X SSD be swapped as needed with XP SSD - 05-09-2009, 05:32 PM

replacing the xp ssd (16gb stec) with the os x ssd (supertalent 16gb) was something i did several times a day for several weeks. it was that easy, but i made sure to be careful, and i only used one screw for the ssd and one screw for the back cover. takes about 2 minutes to swap the ssd, but be careful not to lose/drop/strip the screws.

no software changes of any kind, and if you have hibernate enabled in windows xp, windows will pop up with your apps loaded in about 20 seconds. os x requires the usb legacy to be off if you want to put os x to sleep.

i did this until i bought a 32gb stec ssd and spent the time (an embarrassing amount of time) to convert to dual-boot win xp and os x.

gospeedracer sells replacement (better) screws. maybe worth it to get them to prevent stripping...

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Default Can OS X SSD be swapped as needed with XP SSD - 05-09-2009, 09:48 PM

Thank you for the prompt clarification! I doubt I will need to swap more than once a month (which might be prudent if only to 'Windows Update' the XP install along with its virus definitions) but I will plan to be careful. You'll see me in the OS X forum now.

I did have an observation for 'palawan': The machine specs you list in your signature don't show you as an OS X user on either your netbook or work laptop. Got to show off your Mac usage with pride! :-)
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