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Default Just ordered a mini - 03-14-2009, 11:23 AM

Good morning gentleman (and ladies)

Obviously new here as I placed an order for a mini last nite. Currently own two 6 year old Dells, desktop and laptop. Have had 0 problems with both (especially impressed with my Inspiron 1100 as it survived a horrendous motorcycle crash and was tossed 30 yrds into a ditch) It faired better than I.

At any rate this is the reason for my mini purchase. I travel alot on my bike, have a New England trip planned this summer and want to be able to use wifi hotspots for email and shooting pics back home. Of course the size of the mini lends itself well to packing on a bike. Any have pertinent thoughts or recommendations? I ordered the one with XP and 1 gig of ram. I considered Linux but have absolutely no knowledge or experience with it although very willing to learn something new. The price offered was the same either way.

To answer a question in advance---my screen name refers to my vocation of 16 years. I build and maintain communication towers.

Thanks in advance!

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Default Re: Just ordered a mini - 03-14-2009, 03:30 PM

Hi Wayne,
I am no expert but I will comment.
It seems to me like you did good choice. Mini has no moving parts (no fans, no spinning hard disk) so it will be not fragile at all meaning it will enjoy bike rides.
Regarding RAM memory - it is very easy to upgrade to 2GB. You will not need to open entire Mini, just the "door" underneath. I installed 2GB and disabled page file thanks to this.
Congratulations on your new purchase!
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