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Default Just about to buy my mini - 03-11-2009, 04:20 PM

Hey all:

First, let me say that I am a long time lurker, first time poster. I have read this board pretty intensely since I started thinking about getting a dell mini for travel usage. Thanks for all the wonderful info! What a tremendous resource.

I'm planning on hackintoshing my mini to run OS X, upgrading my RAM, and upping my SSD. With all that in mind, is it better to purchase a mini that already has the upgrades installed? Or have you found that it is better (and more cost effective) to upgrade piece by piece on your own after buying a lower end base-model?

I'm planning on buying an SDHC card and keeping it installed in the computer to act as a "secondary hard drive" where I can save my docs, and pictures I take on my DSLR while out in the field. Since SDHC media is cheaper than SSD media, would there be any point in upgrading the SSD harddrive besides gaining 8-16 gb of storage space? I wish they made SSD adapters where one could just load in a bunch of SDHC cards! Man, that would be sweet.

Lastly, I am incredibly new to this whole "hackintosh" thing. If I've never done something like this before, is it too difficult to attempt?

Thanks for any light you can shed! I'll definitely keep goign through all the posts on this board to find answers and ideas too. Thanks!

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Default Re: Just about to buy my mini - 03-11-2009, 04:26 PM

First off, unless you're very patient, order from the outlet. Unless there's a big sale going on, you'll pay a bit less and you'll have your shiny new toy in a few days instead of weeks of waiting. For more on that note, if you're planning on ordering a Runcore upgrade, plan on waiting. I made both mistakes, though if I weren't still waiting for my Mini9 from Dell I'd be incredibly frustrated with the wait on the Runcore...

16 gb seems to be the minimum "easy" SSD size for OSX installs. Several people have made it work with 8 gb and some effort. Since I don't have mine yet I can't offer any hands-on experiences. There are only 2 outlet machines available at this moment with 16gb drives (and none larger) and the cheapest of those is $389 (black, 1g RAM, 16g SSD, no cam, no WAN slot.)

Mini9|Obsidian Black|2G ram|32G Runcore|OSX 10.5.7
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