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Default Best Storage Format? - 01-24-2009, 02:34 PM

I usually use a Mac, so I'm not too familiar with the SD or whatever format that the Mini uses. Is it faster/cheaper than USB format? What's the largest size? I'm not really clear about its advantages over USB...

I've got about 45 gigs of music that I'd like to move from my iPod to the Mini (and thus make it a super-portable, multi-use device), but I've only got the 32G SSD...any recs on the best (smallest/cheapest/fastest) way to play my tunez from this thing?
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Default Re: Best Storage Format? - 01-24-2009, 09:28 PM

SD and USB are different concepts. SD is a physical flash card format - a type of card that many digital cameras and other devices use. The Mini 9 has a slot on the side that will accept a SD card. I believe that 32GB is the current limit for these.

USB is a connection type and can be used with many different kinds of devices. The Mini also has three USB connectors.

45GB is, unfortunately, somewhat larger than what you could reasonably use today on the Mini. If you could trim your collection down to 32GB, you could buy a SD card and copy it to that. The card can sit inside the Mini and it is accessed as if it were another disk drive. However, 32GB cards are very expensive right now - $80 or more.

Otherwise, you're looking at a USB-connected hard disk which would be a separate device and a cable connecting it - not what you want.

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Default Re: Best Storage Format? - 01-24-2009, 09:46 PM

Holmes is right, 45gb is quite a bit for the mini to handle. There aren't too many clean solutions. You could hook up your ipod (using its usb cable) to your mini and play songs directly off of there. You could buy a portable hard drive. You could upgrade to a 64gb runcore drive. 16gb sdhc card are relatively inexpensive at this point (about $25 on newegg), so you could spread your music collection across three of those. Or you could keep your music collection on your desktop and stream all of your music using a program like Orb. I found a pretty decent lifehacker article about streaming music here.
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Default Re: Best Storage Format? - 01-25-2009, 12:41 AM

Runcore SSD - 64gb - $219
SDHC - 32gb - $80
USB Flash Drive - 64gb - $130
USB External HDD - 500gb - $130

All that's left is too choose.

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Default Re: Best Storage Format? - 01-25-2009, 02:31 AM

Wow, thanks for the great replies! Very clear.
As my goal is to replace/get rid of the ipod, I guess I'll either wait til a bigger SSD comes out or buy a small USB stick - still not sure. Anyway, thanks again for the info.
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Default Re: Best Storage Format? - 01-25-2009, 07:03 PM

As suggested by others, there are a few options, however priority one, IMHO, is to have that music backed up on separate drive/s; CD's (a lot of here, if used), DVD's , usb drive/s and/or combinations of. Online storge is also an option, if available to you.

Examples why:

1) My son had just painfully edited about 25 gigs of music and photos, loaded them onto a usb drive less than a month old, only to have that drive die.

2) Based on his experience, loaded all my (100 plus gigs of) music, photos and important files onto muliple usb drives. Redundancy, yes, good move, yes, as my computer hard drive died shortly thereafter. I was back up and running in no time with just adding an new hard drive and reloading the programs.

All my data was stored safely in more than one place.

Redundancy makes life a little easier to cope with when computers don't!

A little off topic, however, important, IMHO.
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Default Re: Best Storage Format? - 01-25-2009, 08:10 PM

If you can trim your MP3 collection to 32GB, IMO, the SD option would be best. The SD cards are flush with the side of the laptop. You'll barely even notice it's in there. Unfortunately, you'll never be able to get an SD card in a greater capacity than 32GB, as the SDHC standard (which the Mini uses) peaks at 32GB. Way to be shortsighted, SD Card Association. :x

If you can hold out for a bit, I'd suspect that the 32 gig cards will be half their current price by summer, especially now that the SDXC (up to 2TB) standard has been announced.

[edit] If you do go the SD card route, and you're never going use the card in a digital camera or a Mac, I'd highly suggest reformatting it to NTFS. You'll get a little bit less space out of it, but, being a journaling filesystem (it makes logs of the most recent ins and outs), it's much better at self recovery if you accidentally eject it while using it. The only downside is NTFS, being a Microsoft standard, by-and-large only works on Windows.
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