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Default Please Can Anyone Help ?? ( Plus A Welcome Post ) - 01-21-2011, 11:30 AM

Hello all i thought as i have just joined it would be polite to say hello to everyone !!!

My name is Adam and currently living in England and yes i have a computer problem

The background of the story is as a job i look after two special needs chaps and one of them has had a Dell ( obviously) mini netbook for roughly 2 years. Now yesterday he has somehow locked it and it does not work as you can imagine he is in a terrible state and his little world in his eyes has ended !!!

I know NOTHING about computers so please be patient but i thought it would be an idea to join here and see if i can somehow fix it for him, We cannot even find what model number it is and the box and instructions have sadly long gone, It says "Mini" on the front and it has a "Atom" "XP" and "Vodaphone" sticker on it. On the back on a very faded sticker i think it says "Inspirion 910" ??

Now how it came to stop working i hear you cry, Josh had been brought a satnav for the car he has that we use to take him to day centres etc and he was trying to get it work on his netbook, all he did "apparently" was to attach it to the netbook via a USB lead and then he tells me the netbook went wrong, he also said he changed some passwords etc but in truth we will never know. The netbook previously to this was working brilliantly with no problems.

I have tried to turn it on and all you get is a black and white screen and i have pressed 2 as that seems to be the only option other than 0 ?

When i press 2 it comes up with "PhoenixBIOS Setup Utilitity" and then prompts for a "Password" ???

When i press 0 it comes up with a list of other options but nothing seems to work.

Please can anyone help as Josh has photos etc on his netbook and i would really like to try to get it back working for him.

Many thanks for reading this rather long introduction post and a MASSIVE thank you to anyone that takes the time and trouble to try to help.

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Default 01-21-2011, 01:48 PM

Welcome to the forum.

You have a Dell Mini 9, also known as Inspiron 910. Pressing 2 at power-up enters the BIOS, a menu with various hardware controls, but there is a BIOS password on your unit. If Josh does not remember what he set it to, there are people who sell, on eBay, a service to provide you with a password if you provide the "service tag", which is a seven (I think) character alphanumeric code that is printed on a sticker on the bottom - hopefully not worn off.

Pressing 0 brings up the boot selector menu, but it sounds as if the solid-state disk (SSD) inside, which is what this model uses for a "hard disk", is no longer working or has become corrupted. The black and white screen (probably with a flashing cursor in the upper left corner) means that the computer did not find an operating system to boot.

If you "know nothing about computers", I suggest that you find someone who does and is familiar with such things as creating a bootable USB flash drive. The first thing I would try is to boot a Windows XP repair disc (usually on CD-ROM, which would require an external USB CD or DVD drive) but can also be provided on a USB flash drive. If one of these is attached, then pressing 0 should allow you to select "USB" as an option to boot from.

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Default 01-21-2011, 06:51 PM

Many thanks for the reply and welcome i will try what you suggest and let you know how i get on.

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