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Default Netbook junkie - 01-09-2009, 08:06 AM

I'm a netbook junkie.

I've already owned a few. First one was a Eee 701 4g, I still have the grandfather of our toys and it's running Ubuntu-Eee with 1 gig of ram, it has also been modified with multiple stickers because they add like 50% more performance. :lol: Not too much later I got a hold of an Eee 900A, which now belongs to my little sister (because somehow she manages to type effectively on it :shock: ) then an HP Mini 1000 (which was returned) and now finally the Dell Mini 9.

I'm a Linux user. :geek: I have no need or desire for any MS products.

What I ordered: Mini 9 - 8gb SSD - 512mb RAM - Bluetooth - Ubuntu - Black
First Upgrade: 2gb RAM gSkill low latency (OS does not recognize right off the bat, dell's repos are crippled... Easy fix though.)

Mini 9 vs 701: Mini 9 has double the battery life, a usable keyboard and much better wireless reception, faster disk and a much brighter screen. I think my old 701 is showing its age, but I doubt the Mini 9 could take the same amount of physical abuse with such impunity. I still keep the 701 around for old two player games though.

Mini 9 vs 900A: Mini destroys the 900A. Biggest thing here is ergonomics and feel. The Dell feels like a serious machine, the 900A feels like playskool made the casing and chicklets was contracted out for the keyboard, also why did Asus feel the need to put heavy duty truck springs under the trackpad buttons? However if I was a little sister who had this given to me I'd be stoked anyways. (She was )

Mini 9 vs Mini 1000: This is a really hard one. The 1000 does have a better keyboard, wireless reception is good, but not as good as the 9. Battery life is where the 9 beats the 1000. With brightness maxed you'll get 2 1/2 hours out of the 1000, or less and I manage about 4 hours with the 9. Here's a dealbreaker: Linux support, even for the ethernet isn't there, ok it was, but would spontaneously disappear... (I have never been so close to throwing a laptop before...) Maybe I just got unlucky or poked down the wrong path but honestly I doubt it. (Then the MIE was annouced... right after I returned it...) Another issue: The HP is pretty, but fragile, while the Dell is much hardier. Additionally, you can't use an external 2.5" HDD with the 1000, because it only has two ports and they're on opposite sides AND you have to buy a dongle for VGA out :roll:

The main thing that swayed me from my HP fandom was the aftermarket support and user base enthusiasm for the Mini 9.

So currently I have a Black 9 with Ubuntu, 8gig SSD and 2gigs of low latency RAM, with a little 16gb transcend class 6 SDHC card in there and Bluetooth. So obviously my next Mod is the Runcore route, because well duh (Just seeing if I can scrape together the coin for the 32 instead of the 16)

Netbooks -> Mini 9 - 2gb Gskill low latency - Ubuntu 8.04
Asus Eee 701 4g - 1gb - Ubuntu 8.04.1
Desktops -> Phenom Quad @ 2.8 - 16gb - 4x Raptor X in RAID 0 - 2x 4870X2
Brisbane 1.9 @ 2.7 - 4gb - 80gb
Many others, all Linux.
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Default Re: Netbook junkie - 01-09-2009, 12:48 PM

Beautiful. Made me laugh, cry and then stand and cheer for the victory. Very good post indeed.

STEC 8 gig SSD
RAM 2Gig 800Mhz.
WWAN parts in place
Fresh install of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
Gigabyte b,g & n WiFi card that works
Sony DVD ROM/CD burner in slimline external case
Planned upgrades; 16 gig STEC SSD, Internal Bluetooth and Black Lid
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Default Re: Netbook junkie - 01-10-2009, 06:03 AM

Welcome to the cult.. hehe..

Tired of wondering if your Mini9 is doing ANYTHING? - Add a HDD Activity LED
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Default Re: Netbook junkie - 01-10-2009, 06:29 AM

Originally Posted by UnaClocker
Welcome to the cult.. hehe..
With people like you here who won't even stand for the lack of a single LED I think I might just be at home :mrgreen:

Netbooks -> Mini 9 - 2gb Gskill low latency - Ubuntu 8.04
Asus Eee 701 4g - 1gb - Ubuntu 8.04.1
Desktops -> Phenom Quad @ 2.8 - 16gb - 4x Raptor X in RAID 0 - 2x 4870X2
Brisbane 1.9 @ 2.7 - 4gb - 80gb
Many others, all Linux.
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Default Re: Netbook junkie - 01-10-2009, 01:09 PM

Always nice to read hardware comparisons written by people with an eye for Linux - welcome to the forums!

Obsidian Mini 9 > 2gb ram, 16gb ssd, bluetooth, 1.3mp webcam, us-intl kbd
Internal Mods > usb hub, 16gb flash drive, 8gb flash drive, added webcam, changed kbd
Software Mods > Dellbuntu 8.04.1 | Gentoo 2008.0
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Default Re: Netbook junkie - 01-10-2009, 02:33 PM

awesome post, great to hear reviews by someone whose had their fingers in all the pies


Please do not send me support requests via PM.
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Default Re: Netbook junkie - 01-10-2009, 07:25 PM

Hope you keep liking it! With all systems comes some frustration--especially when you bridge the gap between consumer and power user. The average computer just wants it to turn on. Personally, I want it to turn on in 10 seconds.
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Default Re: Netbook junkie - 04-10-2009, 02:16 PM

bump -- talk about your feel-goods. That was such a good
post to read while waiting for mine to ship.

I used to call myself a 'pocket calculator collector' since
I seemed to have a new model every three years or so.


I had an Apple Newton, a decade ago, on loan from a dealer
who is also a good friend. I bicycled everywhere with the
Newton, got an AppleSerial cable for it, and searched for
interesting software to run on it.

I still have my Casio SF 4000 (Casio Digital Diary). It has
interesting date math among other things. It's annoying
to replace its batteries just to use it a few hours a year for
nostalgia. My brother got one and I saw it and had to have
my own.

My Sharp ELSI MATE EL-850 I acquired new some 28 years
ago. I must have changed its batteries, once or twice -- it
turns on and has full saturation on the LCD and the chime
sounds when a key is pressed.

I also had the Rat Shack PC-1 and PC-2 Pocket Computers.
This is instructive; I got the PC-1 home and within two hours
either learned I was conflating PC-2 features with PC-1
features, or just realized something else -- I scurried back
to the 'Shack that same day and exchanged for the PC-2.
They made out -- I bought every accessory they made
(some that day; some later on). I remember special-ordering
a RAM expansion; I think it was 2 kilobytes (2,000 bytes).

I was a big Palm III user; still have two or three of them
and I began with them on the nascent e-Bay. I make occasional
use of it but need to dig out an old Linux hard disk with those
backup files and do the transfer -- Palm III could wipe itself
if you left it in a drawer for six weeks without changing the
two AAA cells it ran on.

The Model 100 -- legend.

I went to a high-end mall and sat down at the keyboard of
the Tandy Model 100 for at least two hours. I smile at this
now -- they should have thrown me out an hour and a quarter
before I left on good terms with them. I did acquire one
eventually, decked out with a hard-shell case and a very
nice external 3 1/2" FDD. That one went to Desert Storm
with a G.I. (same guy who loaned me the Newton) and while
all the Zenith laptops the Army had out there died, the
Model 100 was a performer in the field and was eventually
returned to me. It ran off 4 AA cells; had aftermarket ROM
programs and I think an 8 line 40 column LCD. Built-in ROM
BASIC. Serial port.

I traded it (the whole kit) in good shape for a GRiD Compass 1101.
That thing was awesome -- bubble memory (384KB if I recall
correctly). Magnesium frame. Ran hot as the dickens. They
flew on the space Shuttle.

I presently have two IBM Lenovo-made laptops (T770 and T20).

* * * on topic:

I have *two* Dell Mini 9's on order. I got impatient
and dropped a dime to Dell on a second unit from the Outlet.

I'm a 3/24.

I think the first unit will get here sooner, as I got a tracking
number the same day I ordered the other.
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