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Default Install software from USB flash drive - 01-07-2009, 01:01 AM

I'm a novice so would appreciate some advice or instructions. Can I copy the installation program located on a DVD to a USB flash drive, then use the flash drive to install the program on the Dell Mini? Would I need to fool the Mini into thinking the USB flash drive was an installation disk and if so how would I do it? For example, my Garmin MapSource program came on a DVD and I installed it on my desktop computer, and since the Mini will be my travelling computer, it would be great to be able to program my GPS with it (using the MapSource program). This would seem to me to be the better option than buying a portable DVD drive for the Mini just to install this program – or any other for that matter.

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Default Re: Install software from USB flash drive - 01-07-2009, 06:13 AM

Richard, I'm no expert but the MapQuest program is really large. I hope you have the 16 GB Mini because if you have the 8 GB Mini you would use most of your storage space on that one program. The map files take up 1.3 GB of memory while the full Map Source program takes 1.6 GB including the maps.
The best solution would be to install the basic program on the mini and store the maps on a SD card, however I'm not sure if you can split it like that.
But to answer your question, yes that is how I have installed several programs to my Mini. On your desk top simply insert the CD and an Flash drive. Don't run the installation but rather copy the contents of the CD to the flash drive. Insert the flash drive in the Mini and click on the D drive. If the installation program doesn't start running open the D drive window and click on the 'setup.exe file and it should start loading.
What I think might also work is to install two flash drives, one blank and one with the copy of the MapSource installation
CD. When it asks you where you want to install the program choose the blank flash drive. The installation will install most of the files on the blank flash drive but will make the changes to the system needed to run the program. This of course would mean that you must plug in the Map Source flash drive when you want to use the program,
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Default Re: Install software from USB flash drive - 01-07-2009, 05:40 PM

Thanks for the reply. I do have the 16 GB drive. I did an install of the MapSource on another computer to see how much space it occupied and it was a lot - but since the mini is going to be used as a travel asssistant - internet, email, trip planning and so on, I won't be installing a lot of additional software. I may also try installing MapSource on an 8 GB SD card installed in the mini to see if it will run from there. Speed is not a requirement - utility is. I may even try to squeeze MS Streets and Trips in there somewhere.
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Default Re: Install software from USB flash drive - 01-08-2009, 11:27 AM

I am running MapSource on my Mini9. I downloaded the shell program from Garmin. Free. My primary focus for the program is Geocaching so I mostly use Topo maps. I installed a 8Gb SD card in the card slot. I then copied the maps to a USB flash drive, plugged the drive in and copied the maps to the card in appropriately named folders. (If I'd go buy a newer card reader I wouldn't need the extra step) Works just fine. If I can track down my unlock key I'll do the same for my City Navigator maps. These may have to go on the SSD since I'm not sure it's possible to install those to the accessory drives and MapSource be able to find them.
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