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Default (Kinda) New Mini 10 Owner... - 01-13-2010, 04:28 PM

So... I got one just before Christmas. I have an IT background from the Navy and I have a ton of crap around my house, so what's one more gadget?

My wife got a new house I got a netbook. I think I got the shorter end of the stick.

So anyway... I decked the thing out on the site and topped it all out around $600 (that's not very Mini) For that kind of money I thought it should have worked better out of the box. Se7en basic is horrible. No 2nd monitor support and what kinda crap is that where I can't change the flippin' wallpaper?!? So a little digging into what the SLIC table covered I got an XP disk and that's that.

Also in hindsight I may have opted for the 10v so I could go to 2gb ram but I really wanted HDMI.

Since then I have been experimenting with different installs and configurations of XP and Vista. All in all I am pretty disappointed in the machine and if it wasn't too late I am of mind to send it back. It all seems to revolve around the video performance--even in XP I get weird things with dragging windows like it's having trouble refreshing and redrawing.

My old portable is a Toshiba Libretto. It's going on 5 years old now and it out performs the new Mini. Granted it's comparing apples and oranges. The Libretto is a full featured laptop with a Pentium M, but it also has a much older intel chipset. The Mini wasn't meant to be compared to something like that and netbooks in general are meant for light duty browsing and so forth.

A good example Mechwarrior 4 runs on the Libretto maxed everything. I can't get it to launch on the Dell. (going to try to disable the DMA500 next)

So before I send it back or sell it on Fleabay I wanted to come to the Jedi Masters of the Mini and pick y'all's brains.

Dell Mini 10
Libretto U105 (technically not a netbook but it's smaller)
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Default 01-21-2010, 12:06 AM

I hope you find a solution for your problems. I've been happy with my Mini 9, but that's with different hardware, and using very different software (Linux: web browsing, videos, and text terminals).

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Cool 01-21-2010, 03:49 AM

a lot of newer monitors have HDMI suppoort, I know mine does, that should work for a 2nd monitor for you, dont know how you spec'd yours for $600, mine was $425, and check my signature I got ever option there is except GPS only because it wasnt out yet..

PS. Welcome and Good Luck's a thread with a utility to change the wallpaper in Win 7 Starter

Utility to Change Wallpaper in Win7 Starter

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