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Default General questions on the Mini 10/10V - 10-05-2009, 10:12 PM

Well, I hope I made the right choice. I purchased a 10V last night refurb'd for $300 after taxes. Came with everything but the blue tooth and n-card. The upgrades were the 6 cell battery, 16G SSD, and N280.

Basically will be using it for surfing, playing with O.S's, traveling, etc... I didn't want the 16G SSD, but wanted the upgraded processor. There is a difference between the 270 and 280 right?

It was a hard choice, almost bought a new Mini 9, but decided that about $50 more, I could get a 10V. I really wanted the 1010, but the price for the 2G ram option with what I wanted was close to $600, too much to drop right now. I have a friend that says she updated her 1010 to 2G, but don't see how, since there's a lot of complaints about it and Dell re-confirmed, telling me that they are embedded into the mother boards. There's still no option for upgrading to 2Gb, if purchased with 1Gb right.

Is the SSD faster and quiter than a regular HDD? Hope so, I had to pay for it.

Anyway, I've enjoyed browing the forums, and look forward to playing and modding the mini.

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Default 10-05-2009, 10:39 PM

Welcome to MyDellMini!!

I am sure you will not regret the choice you made... the Minis are awesome and you will love your 10v.

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Default 10-06-2009, 02:15 AM

10v memory upgrade is good to go. 2GB easy...just take your time, watch the videos, and have your tools ready!

as for SSD vs HD, your will definitely extend your run-time using an SSD.

Go with OSX!!!!

Mini 10v
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Default 10-06-2009, 02:28 AM

Originally Posted by tchariya View Post
as for SSD vs HD, your will definitely extend your run-time using an SSD.
Not always. Some SSDs use far more power under normal usage scenarios than traditional HDDs. Some Super Talents, some Crucial and I seem to recall some Runcores are high power users. It's a bit of a controversial topic, but essentially, you can't just assume that SSD=less power.

See Tom's Hardware for more on this:
Test System and Power Measurements - Review Tom's Hardware : Flash SSD Update: More Results, Answers

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Status: A little slow to boot. Otherwise perfect!

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Default 10-08-2009, 11:59 AM

I know it's been mentioned before, but this article from Anandtech on the subject of SSD's makes interesting reading also. (Link: AnandTech: The SSD Relapse: Understanding and Choosing the Best SSD )

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Default 10-08-2009, 03:01 PM

It is important to note, though, that the high power usage of SSDs is only while actively transferring data (writes, in particular). Their idle power consumption is orders of magnitude lower than a rotating drive. The usage pattern in a server or desktop might be different from a netbook.

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Talking 10-08-2009, 07:10 PM

There is a difference between the 270 and 280 right?
You are correct. The N270 runs @ 1.6GHz/533MHz bus, 512k L2 cache. The N280 runs @ 1.66GHz/667MHz bus, 512k L2 cache. A bit of a bump, and a wise choice for an upgrade.

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