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Default How to replace/upgrade Proc/Memory boards? - 09-21-2009, 07:05 PM

I just cracked open the Mini 10 I purchased at the Post Exchange for the very first time. After wrangling through the cables and popping off the final layer underneath the keyboard, I was dismayed to find that the Proc and Memory were soldered onto the same board. That's why it was so damn difficult to get into this. Thirty bucks on 2GB of RAM for nothing; I was wondering why there was no backplate on this thing, and I had to disassemble this from the top down. Doesn't make me want to toss the machine, but it is dismaying that my only expansion options now will be upgrading to a 500GB HD (or higher depending on how late I take this path) and maybe slapping something into the micro card slot I found (I was wondering how there was even a cavity in this thing... much less an unoccupied slot). Asides from uninstalling every piece of Dell software except for the TV Tuner, how else am I going to make this machine not chug so much on displaying PDFs?

For four hundred bucks... I still thought it was superior to an E-Book Reader; a 17incher is a pain when I'm not looking to play games at the time, and I treat this thing like a handheld, clumsily, but it feels right...

Back on topic: Where can I purchase these Combo Proc/Memory boards? Is there a standard format for them?

The Atom 530 I am happy with (as I understand... Atom 550 is probably the best I can pray for right now - if they ever sold 'em to individuals), but the mem... gotta go.

The interface slot fits memory perfectly... and yeah, I could have slapped the 2GB of RAM on there... if I didn't want a processor.

Anyone have any advice? Is there even memory packs that could come in a micro-card slot?

Pardon the tangents, my mind is still reeling from all the work for this lemonparty of a result.
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Default 09-22-2009, 04:39 AM

Dell is the only source.

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Default 09-22-2009, 06:06 PM

Unlike desktops, there is no proper standard for anything other than RAM, hard drives or Mini-PCIe cards when it comes to laptops. Some manufactures do have a very complex standard for laptop parts, but they are designed for 17" behemoths, not a netbook.

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Default 09-24-2009, 12:48 AM

The ram on the mini 10 is not upgradable but on the mini 10v you can upgrade the ram to 2 GB it is not soldered on to the board, send it back to Dell and ask for a mini 10v there is more you can do with a mini 10v

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