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Default Is there an undocumented Pause key? - 11-28-2008, 11:46 PM


Surprise, surprise. My first post and it's a question! I just got my Mini 9 as an upgrade from my Eee 701 and then noticed the deficiencies in the keyboard (ie Function keys...). Anyway, I enjoy the extra power for my emulation needs but the problem is I can't find any Pause key on the keyboard - it's used in a few emu's as a shortcut. Is there one or am I out of luck? I noticed the guide on remapping the keyboard but I can't see if there is a way to 'create' a key.

Any help would be appreciated. Cheers, P

BTW: It's a UK machine with English keyboard if that helps.
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Default Re: Is there an undocumented Pause key? - 01-07-2009, 06:10 PM

I don't know if this helps, but at least in a DOS window in XP, you can use:
[Ctrl] [s]
[Ctrl] [q]
which if memory serves are the old XON and XOFF (or was it ACK and NAK...) to pause things like long directory listings. Likely the same in Ubuntu since Ctrl-S Ctrl-Q go way back.

You can use [Ctrl] [c] to break out of the long listing.

There is an on screen keyboard program in the XP version. It's called osk.exe and it's in the \Windows\system32 directory.

"Germanium" Jack

"Germanium" Jack
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