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Default Recommend an image backup procedure for new Mini 10v please - 06-30-2009, 06:16 PM

Hi everyone, I just joined since we got a new Mini 10v yesterday, so far aside from some minor things I really like it. It seems to have the 1024x600 display so that was a nice surprise.

I'd like to make a backup image of the system's hard drive so that if something gets messed up with Windows we can restore it.

I tried searching but haven't found anything detailing a recommended procedure / what programs to use for this. Free would be preferable. I have an external USB hard drive but no flash drives over 1GB FWIW. I also have an external SATA 2.5" enclosure if it would be necessary to remove the HDD.

Thanks in advance, looks like a good forum here!
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Default 06-30-2009, 10:59 PM

Welcome to the forum.

The best backup option is Acronis True Image. It isn't free, but it isn't expensive either and it is easy to use, reliable and makes it easy to keep backups up to date. Sometimes you can find deals on it through various sources. My advice is to not cheap out when it comes to backup.

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Default 07-01-2009, 01:54 AM

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Default 07-01-2009, 05:11 AM

I'll second holmes4's recommendation of Acronis True Image. Lots of backup options; full, differential, incremental. Files, folders or whole drive images. You can create bootable rescue media (USB key or CD) to backup and restore in cases of system failure or if you don't want to "install" the program just for a backup or two. Acronis lets you try the latest version for 30 days.

Sounds like you've already booted the Mini 10v for the first time. You can restore the computer to the way it left the factory, right back to the Out-Of-Box-Experience setup and EULA, by requesting the System Restoration CDs from Tech. Support.

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Default 07-01-2009, 12:03 PM

Another vote for Acronis. I used it on my Mini 9. I ported my image onto an external USB drive and restored it using the same method. It worked flawlessly and was very fast.

I got it at New Egg for $29. If you do get the CD, be sure to go to the Acronis site, enter your key and download the newest build.

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Default 07-01-2009, 01:16 PM

I imaged my Mini 9's OEM SSD install with a process like this:
  1. boot off a Ubuntu LiveUSB flash drive
  2. Plug in a large USB hard drive
  3. Running "sudo dd if=/dev/sda of=/media/externaldrive/mini9.img"

When complete, you get a image file of the first hard drive (/dev/sda) named "mini9.img" on the external drive.

Restoration consists of doing the same things, except you swap the "if" and "of" arguments to "dd". So, "sudo dd of=/dev/sda if=/media/externaldrive/mini9.img".

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Default 07-01-2009, 05:21 PM

Thank you all for the recommendations. I have used a trial version of Acronis and it did seem to work well. I paid $149 for the Mini so I was trying to keep the accessories cost down, but it may be worth paying for the Acronis software.

It seems I can get it on a 4GB USB stick for $25 shipped, also comes with Mcafee which doesn't really interest me, but I could just discard that. I'm guessing the USB drive isn't the fastest but this seems like a decent deal.

DriveImage XML does look interesting as a free option, I will explore that further as well.

@reflex: I have used Ubuntu on a live CD and also installed it to play around with, have also used GParted once, but never used for day to day use. I am not really familiar with using command lines but not against learning new things. Thanks.
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Default 07-01-2009, 06:00 PM

I've been using Macrium Reflect Free for a year or so now, and it has worked great. Does everything I need it to: download and install the app, run, select drive/partition to image, tell it where to put the image, create restore CD to boot to and restore the image. All for free. (And there is probably a way to make that restore CD a USB drive...)


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backup image restore

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