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Default Mini9 OSX with D5530 cannot connect - 03-25-2011, 02:57 AM

Hi all;

I have been trying to get my 5530 connected but I seem to be hitting a stone wall. At most, it connects once out of a few hundred (yes, hundred) tries.

I have tried the following
- Used all the modem scripts that I could find in this forum.
- Tape pin 20 (WWAN fix! thread)
- Updated my mini9 bios to vostro A90 bios to remove the pin 20 tape. (Taped it again to see if there was any difference-none)
- Flashed the 5530 modem with the AT&T firmware (New firmware to 7.2Mb).
- Checked if the SIM has SIM PIN. (SIM works fine in my iPhone BTW and there is no PIN)
- checked many times the APN (internet connects in the 1 of 100 times)
- Resorted to keying one AT command at a time (using AT cmd from Dell Wireless 5530 (aka Ericsson MBM F3705g) - AT commands reference).

I have noticed that the 5530 responds well to the following


When it hits the PDP command, it almost for sure gives an ERROR.


On the very rare occasion that it gives an OK, it will progress perfectly through the sequence to get connected and I can surf the internet untill I disconnect. Then the whole problem starts again.

I have tried powering down the modem /mini9 countless times and it has not shown any positive response.

Does anyone have any ideas why the modem behaves so? Any ideas on what else I could do? I might be missing anything? This digital device is behaving in a very analog fashion.

I am on OSX10.6.7. Network is Singtel or Starhub. Perhaps any others who are in Singapore can tell me if they are facing the same thing?

Thanks a bunch in advance for any suggestions.


Mini 9, 64GB Runcore, 2GB RAM, SL OSX 10.6.7, BIOS A06 (A90 Vostro BIOS) 5200mAh MDD battery
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Default 06-10-2011, 07:33 PM

Hey Jay,

got the same issues. First installation, everything worked like a charm. And after a while, I was not able to connect (ppp-error) to the internet anymore using wwan via the 5530 card.

I taped, i reeinstalled, I was trying to connect with at-commands. Nothing worked, it really frustrated me. So I tested one thing. I put back the sim into a normal Motorola (V9) and fired it up, waited till itīs got signal, then switched off, put the card back into my mini 9 and fired this one up.
And guess what? It worked. I donīt know wether it is a missing "reset" command that is needed after some time, but I think the sim card needed to be reseted. Just my thoughts.

Best, Felix
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