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Default My broadband setup: Bluetooth PAN + Sprint Mogul w/ EVDO - 01-08-2009, 04:38 PM

In the event that this may help someone, I'm just going to document how I've configured my mini, running Ubuntu 8.10, Intrepid Ibex, to tether over bluetooth to my Sprint Mogul, running Windows Mobile 6.1 and an included Internet Sharing application which essentially is a bluetooth access point, thus sharing my EVDO data plan with the mini. Though you could use these instructions to connect to any bluetooth access point by just using that BAPs network address.

1, switch to the root account
sudo -s
2, install the required software packages
aptitude install bluez-utils bluetooth bluez-gnome bluez-hcidump bluez-compat
3, if necessary, pair the phone and mini, it might help to leave the phone in discoverable mode for this step

4, get the network address of the phone's bluetooth device
hcitool scan
Scanning ...
        00:15:81:3E:ED:02      MyPhone
5, edit the bluetooth configuration file: /etc/default/bluetooth
You want to enable PAND, so modify or add the following line:
You'll also want to configure the PAND options as such:
PAND_OPTIONS="--listen --role=PANU --devup /etc/bluetooth/pan/dev-up --devdown /etc/bluetooth/pan/dev-down"
6, create the /etc/bluetooth/pan directory and the pan device scripts
mkdir /etc/bluetooth/pan
cd /etc/bluetooth/pan

echo "#!/bin/bash" > dev-up
echo "/sbin/ifup bnep0" >> dev-up

echo "#!/bin/bash" > dev-down
echo "/sbin/ifdown bnep0" >> dev-down

chmod 755 dev-*
7, create connection scripts for ease of use, be sure to use the network address you found in step 4
cd /usr/local/bin

echo "#!/bin/bash" > panConnect
echo "sudo pand --connect 00:15:81:3E:ED:02" >> panConnect
echo "sleep 3" >> panConnect
echo "sudo ifup bnep0" >> panConnect

echo "#!/bin/bash" > panDisconn
echo "sudo ifdown bnep0" >> panDisconn
echo "sleep 1" >> panDisconn
echo "pand -K" >> panDisconn

chmod 755 panConnect panDisconn
8, at this point you should be ready to test. open the internet sharing application, click connect, then, from the mini, run panConnect from a shell. test the connection! you might find firefox in an offline state, and be required to deselect 'work offline' from the File menu.

If I fatfingered a step, I apologize, feel free to scour google and figure it out for yourself, or msg me or something.

I hope this helps someone..
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Default Re: My broadband setup: Bluetooth PAN + Sprint Mogul w/ EVDO - 03-19-2009, 01:08 PM

Very helpful post there.

Where did you find bluez-compat? It's not in the mini9 repositories, and enabling the standard repositories gives errors.
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