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Default mini 9 WWAN not working anymore :/ help... - 01-24-2010, 04:29 PM

Hi all!

This is an act of desperation... google is my friend, never post anything on net but this time is different... I can't find an answer for my problem. I have dell mini 9 with wwan 5530. Last week I bought a new 32Gb ssd "Super talent FEM32GFDL" from USA. I installed XP, all is ok and working except wwan... After inst. of all drivers etc when I am trying to connect by sony ericsson manager 5 it says to me "Radio is disabled by the wireless switch. return the switch to the ENABLE position". Ok... maybe did something wrong, installed wrong version of drivers or something. Puted back old 8gb ssd (without changing antything) and what? The same error like on the new ssd!! O_o "Radio is disabled by the wireless switch. return the switch to the ENABLE position" (Was working before without problem and when using wifi it says that radio is enabled! no errors in device manager etc) Ok, puted back again new ssd, installed 10000000 version of drivers, reinstaling etc etc. Still the same error. Again format od new ssd, reinstaling whole OS, installing drivers (from internet, and dell cd) and what? wwan not working. And it is like that since last week. I am going mental O_o. Soon I am going for holidays so I need my mini working! I beg you guys help me! I don't know what happens! Was working before... now again did format, got fresh system and what to do now? Please help me. I am trying to avoid visiting repair/service laptop centre sending it to dell etc. Ooh and as well I was trying to install everytihing without that "switch" and failed, still the same error... Please help!!! I will send by paypal few quid for good beer if someone solve my problem lol xD I am soooo desperate!!! btw sry fom my English, hope you undertsand it :P

P.S. Forgot to add I was usin PAYG SIM from uk "3" and all kinds of versions of SE manager

HAHAHA problem solved!!
After a week of searching google, forums etc!
I found it by accident in this post!


"My 3G card works great in the first mini 9 (BIOS A01) but I get "radio disabled" in the new bios upgrade (or in my case downgrade)."

So that give me an idea of changing bios and finally in my case A05v made my wwan working and enabling radio!!!
WOHOOO! I hope that will help other people =)

Btw nice small program to flash bios "flashBIOSv1.51.exe"

LOL I am sooo happy... xD

Now I can dance! xD
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Default 01-25-2010, 03:06 AM

I'm glad you got it working.

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Default 09-07-2010, 08:28 AM

Instead of reflashing the BIOS I restored BIOS settings to the defaults. It worked like a treat! The radio is enabled again!
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Default 09-08-2010, 11:16 AM

pleased you found the solution, and yes your correct the latest dell bios disables the wireless switch on the 5530 card - which is ironic really.

You can fix this by taping a point on the card and now I'm going to have to find the thread...............

WWAN fix!

see I knew i would find the thread - typical dell stuffed up their own bios still at least we have some smart chaps/chapets here to figure it out.
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wwan dell mini 9

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